Woodstock 50 by Columbus

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Valleydale Ballroom, 1590 Sunbury Rd, , Columbus, OH 43219

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: WOODSTOCK 50 By COLUMBUS WHAT: 50 th Anniversary of WOODSTOCK WHEN: Saturday, August 17, 2019, 3:00 pm to Midnight WHERE: The Valley Dale Ballroom Show Sponsor: Qfm96 CONTACT: Landa Masdea Brunetto, VDB Artistic Director Phone: 614-579-1150 (landa) Rick Brunetto, VDB Music Director The Valley Dale Ballroom (VDB) opens their fresh concert run, The Valley Dale: ROCKS the Ballroom. Music Series. The opening concert celebrates the 50 th Anniversary of WOODSTOCK, on Saturday, August 17, 2019. The Valley Dale Ballroom has lined up an impressive group of local musicians to bring the vibe of utopia and ethereal feelings to Columbus, reminiscing the legendary concert. The VDB salutes the rock date, by inviting Columbus musicians to only play the songs performed at Woodstock. Our host for the evening is former 1960/1970 WCOL-FM Rock Jock NEAL MARTIN. The ever-evolving line-up showcases local musicians: Urban Jazz Coalition bring their SLY and The FAMILY STONE tribute to the iconic ballroom stage. Blue Cats lead by Rick Collura celebrate Carlos SANTANA. Sticks & Stones intricately harmonize CROSBY STILLS & NASH. The Dale, also features several solo musicians: Chaz Mechenbier flavors the haunting soul of RICHIE HAVENS, Donna Mogavaro remembers Joan BAEZ, Nicki Jo Baker, Kay Harris and Ms. Mogavaro, render reverence to THE WOMEN of WOODSTOCK. We close the evening with Theo’s Loose Hinges igniting the crowd, through the spirit of JIMI HENDRIX. Also on this night. for the first time in VDB history, a Rock band will be inducted into the Valley Dale Hall of Fame. Columbus’ monumental rock group from 1964 to 1969, THE DANTES will be inducted into the predominantly Big Band infused ballroom. DANTES: Lynn Wehr and Barry Hayden will be on hand for the festive ceremony. Experience this love-fest with vendors selling leather, jewelry, soaps, perfumes of Jasmin and Patchouli. Assorted Food Trucks from hamburgers to ethnic foods. Pull on your tattered-hem bell bottoms, find your suede pouches and vests, dab on patchouli, polish your granny glasses and unearth your Papa John shirts. It’s time to relive, or experience for the first time WOODSTOCK the real days of ROCK music. TICKETS: VIP: Tables of ten placed nearest stage $50.00 per seat. (with swag) GENERAL ADMISSION: Seats only (no tables) $30.00 each, placed behind two rows of tables on main floor. Seats only in balcony. Tickets may be purchased through EVENTBRITE or at www.valleydaleballroom.com Please check: The Valley Dale Ballroom Facebook Page for updated info. Valley Dale Ballroom greatly appreciates our sponsor Qfm96. "A portion of the ticket proceeds will benefit the Qfm96 "Red, White & Q Fund" to benefit central Ohio Veterans and First Responders." Real American heroes face issues that affect their lives and the lives of their families every day.