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  1. Slowly

From the recording Coffee Shop Sessions

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Released April 28, 2014
Engineered by James Daniels of MikroKosmos Studio in Columbus, Ohio. Written and performed by Theo Perry. Sesac Affiliate



Well she used to go to school, never break the rules til she met me.
And her momma would say no, still we'd sneak out and we'd go to the movies. See she likes who I am not who i'll be. In her eyes, I can see my eternity.

So we say let's take this slowly. Oh let's take this slowly.

She said oh me oh my oh, I miss those miss Ohio days. Can you think back for a while? Remember how we'd spend our Saturdays? When those Buckeyes would lace up and take the field. I could look at you and suddenly know this was real.

So we say let's take this slowly. Let's take this slowly.

Ohhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, Eyeah, Yeaha Yeah, Ooooooooooooo

So let's take this. Let's take this. Let's take this slowly.

I've known you for sometime, and I wish that you were mine. But I know, if I commit myself to you... Soon out the door you'll go. You say how about I introduce you to my family. I say fine ok, but honestly their nothing like me.

So I say let's take this. Let's take this. Let's take this Slowly.
I wanna go slowly with you.