Winter happenings.

Hello all, 

           We've been busy post NYE adding shows so be sure to head over to the shows page and add some to your calendar. I (Theo) and the band plan to get quite a bit of writing done this winter so keep an ear out for some new tunes. Let's see, what else has been going on in the Loose Hinges camp? Well I and my wife Chell Perry are expecting a baby girl in Late February. Joe ( Bass ) got a puppy. Kenny ( Drums) has been adding more Photo work and audio engineering to his winter schedule. Need a photographer/videographer? Message us on the contact page and we'll get you linked up. Some have asked if we also play weddings. The short answer is yes. If you're planning a wedding you can consider having the loose hinges experience at your special event. Just reach out on the Contact/Booking Page. We've also been booking some festivals for the summer months. Know of one we should consider? For more stuff like this and much more click on the mailing list tab and remember, Stay Loose!



- Theo