Hello and welcome to our site! We are an eclectic, soulful and electric  band from Columbus, Ohio. We write, record & perform our original music live. We also perform our takes on cool cover tunes. This band was formed in 2008. Current members include Theo Perry, Kenny Caterer and Jeff Arszman. Stay connected with the band on this site! And also keep up with Theo's solo Acoustic stuff as well!  



Vol. 1 Out Of The Vault Live Theo's Loose Hinges Ep| All Over Again Ep (Theo Solo acoustic(ish)| Comfest 2024 and more. 

Hello wonderful fans and supporters,

          Just wanted to drop a quick line on the latest with us/me. First and foremost visit the shows tab on our site if it's been a while. We're back at Comfest in Columbus June 30th 4pm Gazebo stage at Goodale Park. https://www.theosloosehinges.com/shows. 2nd we released Vol1. Out of the The Vault Live Theo's Loose Hinges Ep a couple months back. It can be heard both here:https://theosloosehinges.com/album/2882693/live-out-of-the-vault-vol-1 and on Streaming/downloading platforms. Today Theo released a new Solo Acoustic “All Over Again” Ep It can be heard here:https://theosloosehinges.com/album/2944296/all-over-again and All other streaming/downloading sites i.e. Itunes, Amazon music, Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp.com and more. 

If you're local to Columbus, feel free to start calling in to request the new Ep at Studio line: (614) 821-9223 for WCBE local 90.5fm Npr radio station.

The Band has a few more booked shows on the year already and some new pending ones. Theo has a peppering of shows as well check back often at www.theosloosehinges.com

More new merch available at https://www.theosloosehinges.com/merchandise


Thanks for your time, attention and support! 

Stay loose

Theo Perry

Theo's Loose Hinges

Annnnnd we're back! 

It's fair to say we missed you guys and gals last year. But this year we are back at it. Be sure to check back often to our shows tab as we're increasingly adding shows this year! Both for our band Theo's Loose Hinges as well as some solo acoustic shows for Theo. Looking forward to seeing you all out there. 



New merchandise, New solo collaboration single with Theo/JAY LEE VEE and Shows! What?! 

       Wow, this year started off with our reemergence into performing and recording again. Now half way through our busy season, I thought it a good idea to add a new post. First if you've not been to our merchandise page in a while, be sure to check it out before leaving the site. We've added new tank tops, t-shirts, phone cases, water canteens and more!

Last year I (Theo ) dusted off a track I'd started in the past during a bout of insomnia. Inspiration for newer tones and sounds flowed like water. However the lyrical and melodic content would take some time to slow down and focus on it's coming. In 2020 upon revisiting the track, I took pen to paper on this latest collaboration with now by way of Columbus , Ohio, transplant. Nashville artist JAY LEE VEE.  This song is titled 'Go out Tonight' and while we were writing it giving the pandemic the time of inspiration and the time of the times were not in alignment lol. However we remotely forged ahead bouncing song files back and forth over the internet until it all finally came together this past June! Be sure to give it a listen and share it around. I'm quite proud of what we accomplished. Plus I'm a fan of JL. 

Shows! What?! Seriously it still feels like it's been so long. Do we still know how to do this? Well you'll want to keep an eye on our shows tab for Band shows as well as solo acoustic shows. So far this year we've managed a few private events and a solid show at Rockmill Brewery in Lancaster, Ohio. We've got a few festivals and much more scheduled at the moment. And while we are still taking precautions where the virus is concerned. It feels good to be back at it! We hope to see you all out when and where it's safe. P.s. I got my shot and I recommend you get yours. Next when they make it her eligible. My kid will too. 


Stay loose, and stay safe,


Theo Perry

Theo's Loose Hinges

From 2020 to 2021 

Well that was rough. The year 2020 was by far our worst year out of our 12 years as a band. We saw the least amount of performance and recording opportunities we've ever faced. We saw our country in disarray. We saw some good, bad and downright ugly. But we made it through it with God, encouragement from you fans, our friends and families. This year with health and safety still a high priority for us, our fans and our clients. We aim to add more safe outdoor shows, live streams, and recordings. We'll take on more safe private events as well. We want to be a source of escape, refuge, love and hope. Sometimes love is tough. We want to rock faces in homes and outside when safely possible. We're adding new merchandise on our merch page and new recordings soon. As well as new videos. 2021-2022 has the potential to grow from our worst to our best years to come. Join us in that hope and adventure.


Theo's Loose Hinges 

WoodStock 50' 

It's safe to that while we/Theo has many influences. Jimi Hendrix is in the top 5. Looking forward to performing some Hendrix tunes this coming Saturday at The Valleydale Ballroom in Columbus, Ohio. The Ballroom in celebration of the 50th Woodstock music & Arts festival is bringing a great mix of Columbus performers together to reimagine the festival all in one long day of music and vendors. Tickets are on sell in the events tab. I'll Update this post, following the show. 



Comfest 2018 

About yesterday,

                     It was by far one of our most enjoyable live performing experiences. A special thanks to all of this years Comfest Volunteers, who with out them this party doesn't happen. This years party with a purpose fully reenergized us for ours, and that is to keep making, recording and performing soul stirring, thought provoking, body moving music. Leading up to our set at the gazebo stage I (Theo) was concerned about my voice holding up due to the show/gig load I was blessed to have days leading up. But the good lord upheld me with all the waters, teas, turmeric, and alieve. The spirit of Comfest was on full display through all of the dancing souls, hugging friends, and rainbow of ethnicity and backgrounds in the crowd. We played our hearts and souls out and we really felt the love Columbus gave us right back. We thank them and the entertainment committee for having us be a small part in this public display of community magic. https://youtu.be/q2Wu7CsV8c0 <----- Copy and paste to watch a clip from the action on youtube or find it on our site home page. Hoping to catch you all at a show real soon.

Springing into Summer! 

It's finally that nice weather season here in Central Ohio and we couldn't be more thrilled. We've released a new single "Summer Love" find it on Spotify and other streaming and downloading platforms. Summer Love made it's television debut on an Episode of "Broad & High" on WOSU this past March and Radio debut this month on The Global Village 90.5fm wcbe with host Maggie Brennan. Both occasions granted us great joy in this our 10th anniversary year! 

Festivals in Central Ohio are alway a blast and this year we've made it on to three of them so far. Just around Earth Day we played at Earth Gathering Festival in Chillicothe, Ohio. On June 8th we'll be at The Columbus Arts festival at 8pm on The Genoa Park Stage. On June 24th we'll be at COMFEST 2018 at 5pm on the Gazebo Stage!!! We've of course got many more show's around and after these times as a band and I ( Theo ) have some fun solo acoustic shows as well. So be sure to pop on over to the shows/events page and mark those calendars!

Photos are fun and often necessary. So we've recently done another photo shoot with our own Kenny Caterer (Drummer) and hope to share those soon. A couple are up already. Check em out on the photos/videos page.

Documentaries at times can really pull you in. Especially when you're in one. I ( Theo ) got to participate and represent Theo's Loose Hinges in Groove U's recent doc: Homegrown - Becoming a music City which made it's Big screen debut at the gateway film center here in Columbus, Ohio this past couple of Fridays. Check it out on YouTube.  The film highlights the always growing music scene here in Columbus, Ohio. It covers our rich history as well as shows a glimpse of where we're headed.

We've added a return trip to Cleveland already and aim to make it back to Indianapolis amongst Kentucky and Pennsylvania soon as well. So keep an ear out. 

Cheers, peace and love, and as always... Stay Loose. 


Theo Perry 

Theo's Loose Hinges


Winter happenings. 

Hello all, 

           We've been busy post NYE adding shows so be sure to head over to the shows page and add some to your calendar. I (Theo) and the band plan to get quite a bit of writing done this winter so keep an ear out for some new tunes. Let's see, what else has been going on in the Loose Hinges camp? Well I and my wife Chell Perry are expecting a baby girl in Late February. Joe ( Bass ) got a puppy. Kenny ( Drums) has been adding more Photo work and audio engineering to his winter schedule. Need a photographer/videographer? Message us on the contact page and we'll get you linked up. Some have asked if we also play weddings. The short answer is yes. If you're planning a wedding you can consider having the loose hinges experience at your special event. Just reach out on the Contact/Booking Page. We've also been booking some festivals for the summer months. Know of one we should consider? For more stuff like this and much more click on the mailing list tab and remember, Stay Loose!



- Theo

Summer is Here!!! 

Hello fans,

          I Theo and Theo's Loose Hinges as a band couldn't be happier that summer has returned. Sunshine, festivals, and way more shows! Keep an eye on our schedule as more and more dates are being added weekly! Spread the word and we hope to see out and about soon!!!

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