Comfest 2018

About yesterday,

                     It was by far one of our most enjoyable live performing experiences. A special thanks to all of this years Comfest Volunteers, who with out them this party doesn't happen. This years party with a purpose fully reenergized us for ours, and that is to keep making, recording and performing soul stirring, thought provoking, body moving music. Leading up to our set at the gazebo stage I (Theo) was concerned about my voice holding up due to the show/gig load I was blessed to have days leading up. But the good lord upheld me with all the waters, teas, turmeric, and alieve. The spirit of Comfest was on full display through all of the dancing souls, hugging friends, and rainbow of ethnicity and backgrounds in the crowd. We played our hearts and souls out and we really felt the love Columbus gave us right back. We thank them and the entertainment committee for having us be a small part in this public display of community magic. <----- Copy and paste to watch a clip from the action on youtube or find it on our site home page. Hoping to catch you all at a show real soon.