From 2020 to 2021

Well that was rough. The year 2020 was by far our worst year out of our 12 years as a band. We saw the least amount of performance and recording opportunities we've ever faced. We saw our country in disarray. We saw some good, bad and downright ugly. But we made it through it with God, encouragement from you fans, our friends and families. This year with health and safety still a high priority for us, our fans and our clients. We aim to add more safe outdoor shows, live streams, and recordings. We'll take on more safe private events as well. We want to be a source of escape, refuge, love and hope. Sometimes love is tough. We want to rock faces in homes and outside when safely possible. We're adding new merchandise on our merch page and new recordings soon. As well as new videos. 2021-2022 has the potential to grow from our worst to our best years to come. Join us in that hope and adventure.


Theo's Loose Hinges