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Recording a single.  

Hey guys and gals, 
          Summer is approaching fast! We're working hard on getting you all a new summer tune to mark the season. The title "Summer Love". Perhaps you've heard it at one  of our lives shows. This one like a few others, we are recording ourselves.  That means it's a  lot more work than just showing up to a studio where the engineering team can take care of any technical difficulties. It also makes it that much more gratifying when we finish it! Wish us luck and we can't wait to get the finished product out to you all. -Theo's Loose Hinges 

Ep & single 

Hello fans! 
         This past year we released our 1st self titled Ep and our single "Next To You". Be sure to get your copies at shows or online on iTunes, Amazon, and more. We've been enjoying playing those tunes and more live to your wonderful ears. Keep those ears to the ground as we are already working on more new music.